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OCR A-Level English Literature [FREE STUDY RESOURCES]

I've just finished my A-Level English this year, and often struggled to find reference material for strong essays and material to write my own.
I've linked my Notion page, which i used for the past 2 years containing all my notes, practise essays, plans, context, interpretations, and more.
I have material for The Gothic, Hamlet, Ibsen's A Doll's House and Rossetti's collection Goblin Market and other poems.

There is a lot of stuff in there, so do have a look through all the sub-pages to find stuff. It is not exhaustive to all my notes, as I also have 2 full ring-binder folders which I also used -so the pages online are a bit lacking in areas.

Anyway, here you go:
ahh that is such a good idea to share yours, and so kind!!
Hey! Thank you so much for your resources, is it okay if you could link your email so I could ask for more advice in OCR? (currently in Yr 12) Or if you don't mind responding in this thread that's fine as well :smile:
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