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Make a positive impact on lives & tackle issues affecting the world with Psychology

Understand people and society with a Psychology degree :wavey:

Where Psychology can take you
Our courses are the first step for students who want to enter specialist areas such as clinical, occupational, forensic, counselling or educational psychology. Our courses are also suitable for those who are interested in psychology but don't want to commit to a career as a Psychologist. They provide key transferable skills relevant to lots of careers, such as:

Social Work
Market Research
Policing/Armed Forces

We have a lot of fab facilities as well such as the Social and Developmental Psychology Lab, Experimental Psychology Lab, Eating Behaviour Lab, Psychology Teaching Lab and Speech and Language Lab. If you'd like to check out our facilities from the comfort of your own home you can use our Virtual Experience :smile:

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Maria is a Psychology student at Bradford, she shares her experience of her course in this vlog :smile:

"One thing that I really enjoyed about the course was the psychology and employability module. Many courses don't offer placement so this course allows you to really put the skills that you've learnt into practice. Studying psychology provides you with a range of transferable skills that are not only applicable to a career in psychology but in all walks of life."

Main building
University of Bradford
If you're interested in studying Psychology with Counselling instead, you might find this student video with Sobia useful :smile:

"So I chose to study at the University of Bradford because Bradford is my home, and home is where the heart is."

"We have so many different ways that we learn on this course, we have seminars, lectures and we also have team-based learning where we work together. Our lecturer is actually a counsellor himself, so we get that hands-on experience."

A Psychology with Counselling degree gives you the tools you need to help people to explore their lives, their emotions, and the issues that underlie their difficulties. Does that sound like something you'd be interested in? Just let me know if you have any questions :smile:
Did you know Psychology at Bradford involves opportunities to be mentored by professionals in mental health who will guide your aspirations to work in this area? You'll be able to undertake placements from an exciting range of opportunities like teacher training, mentoring young people, mental health services, placement with the Bradford District Care Trust in clinical Psychology, and working in the 'Born in Bradford' project.

If you would like any more info about this just give me a shout :smile:

In collaboration with Pain Association Scotland, we plan to support members of the public in the self-management of chronic pain. This will give our students a valuable opportunity to understand the self-management approach to health, and equip them with positive formative experiences that will inform study and may even inspire career choice! :smile:

This is a growing area of health care, especially relevant as health services move towards person-centred, bio-psycho social models.

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