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going for pharmacy

Just got my A-Level results, got BBB. Lost hope for medicine as I honan't be bothered resitting and doing UKCAT again. And like most people I'm now looking at either Pharmacy, Optometry or Biomedical Science. Originally I firmed Biomed at Aston, then declined and applied through clearing to Robert Gordon University for pharmacy. But I'm feeling like I could find a better uni with these grades. Anyone know if RGU is any good? They only asked for minimum CCC, no interview and let me in for MPharm(Hons). Should I take a gap and apply for a better uni for pharmacy or optometry?
Have you ever done a day in a community pharmacy?
65% of grads end up in this , basically in a shop! As you have probs focused all your PS and work experience on medicine, it's really important you see if you actually like working in retail with the general public!!
Every year, there are people like yourself, who miss their Med grades, and then rush or are pushed into pharmacy, and they regret it.
I had a Saturday boy a couple of years ago, he was at Aston, and he hated it! the degree, the job, all he wanted to do was dentistry. and he missed by one grade. Lost touch with him, so not sure whether he ever went back n did dentistry, but I would do lots of research before you splash the cash.

Optometry is a year shorter, and the pay is better, and you see people by appointment.

Many do bio-med thinking they can do Fast track med (GEM) but this is a long, hard, expensive and V competitve road, possible... but hard slogg.

What part of the country are you in? There may still be Clearing places left.
Is there anything else you are interested in? like finance, IT, chemical eng. There are easier ways to earn 40k a year than be a community pharmacist!

Or have a gap year to have a think before you splash out £37k
And as for the CCC offer, they basically want bums on seats and your money!!
Good luck!

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