I had a lovely dinner tonight, and I'm lucky that my parents still cook me great food. Chicken in white wine casserole.

My mother served it up, the chicken was in really big pieces (a quarter of a chicken each...), and when we cut into it we found that it was still bleeding in the middle. I'm partailly sighted and so is she, so we'd eaten some of the chicken from the outside already, and some of the veg etc...after a bit of probing in the dish my brother noticed blood in the gravy too, so it would have been all over everything.

Obviously, we didn't carry on eating...I feel really queasy now though. How much blood/ uncooked meat would you have to eat before there was a serious risk of food poisoning, and how long would it take for you to notice?
I'm wondering if maybe I just know that it wasn't right though, and so my head is making my body feel ill.

Verdict? Am I going to die tonight?? :p: