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A laptop that doesn't make me want to cry at the price? Seemingly impossible?

Okay I am NOT a tech wizz. So when I looked up 'Good student laptop' I really expected maybe £200-£300?
These ones were pushing £500-£1000!

So, alright, I research I just sorta see what I need for me!
Tf is a """"legacy port""""? Processing chips comparisons like as if I know what an 8th gen is? Not good for gaming, but what does that actually mean for me???

I told my mum we can just get a used one for cheap but she really thinks new is the best way- but I don't want her dropping loads of money on this high end laptop for me to use Word, play Candy Crush, and make the odd PowerPoint.

So. Can some tech expert simply point me down the "I need Microsoft basics, good charge, and like one game without the thing blowing up" direction 😭
Logon to amazon or ebay and try to keep your laptop budget under £400.
Consider all possible options that are new, refurbished with a guarantee or used.
Good luck!
BioBro, there's a lot I can relate to in your post.

It annoys me how many poor to mediocre laptop buying guides there are on the Internet. When I do Google searches on the subject, it's like the results that come up have all been written by the same irritating person.

The good news is that right here, right now you're going to get IT purchasing advice that's way better than what you get from Google searches.

For your needs: Word, Candy Crush, Power Point, you have 2 main choices:
1 write to the IT departments of local large organisations and ask if they have any spare laptops they can give you. Mention any charitable work you'd do on the laptop. This would give you a laptop for £0.

2 Go on ebay and search for Dell 7390 and Dell 7490 and sort by lowest priced first. Yesterday there was a cracking deal on a very good condition Dell Latitude 7390 (with 8th gen CPU, 1920 resolution screen, 256 GB SSD, battery in good condition) for £160 plus £9 postage - or best offer. I offered £144 and the seller counter offered £150. Look out for deals like this and take a punt on the first similar deal that comes up.
Dell Latitude 7390's and 7490's are fantastic premium business laptops. You won't find a better laptop for your needs than those. You will only find either worse laptops or equally good but different. At £160ish (for fully working, good condition, 8th gen, 1920 FHD screens, 256 GB SSD's) these are the laptops to go for right now - if the begging from IT Depts isn't for you.

Your mum is probably a great mum. But she's no IT purchasing expert. Go ahead and buy a £160ish Dell 7390 or 7490. Feel free to pass any deals via me before pulling the trigger, just to set your mind at rest and check that it's the sort of deal I'd be happy to go for if I was buying the laptop for myself. There is no real risk to buying used via ebay. If when it arrives it isn't as described you simply return it for a full refund. If it works for a few months and the motherboard fails, you simply sell it as spares / repairs for £80ish and get another £160ish laptop off ebay. So that even in a worse case scenario you're looking at spending less than £250.

On the software side: Linux is a great (free) alternative to Windows. Dell 7390's and 7490's will have Windows 10 pro licences built into the motherboards. If you have Windows 10 you can "upgrade" to Windows 11 for free.
Libre Office is a 100% free alternative to MS Office. I hate the subscription charging strategy that MS has been trying to push.

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