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help! which language to major in

Im planning to go to uni to study languages - but I dont know which to major in </3
I did spanish a level and really did not enjoy the literature and exams but it is a great language for business however I am interested in languages like korean, japanese in my free time. im fascinated with both the culture and language but i dont know which ones to pursue? help:frown:
I do korean and I have to say I’m enjoying it a lot! You can find unis that also offer a year abroad. Don’t feel pressured to choose Spanish just because it’s a more commonly spoken language. You can still get jobs with Asian languages behind you. Both the Japanese and korean students really enjoy the courses at my uni. And it’s more focus on language. You do have other modules about culture and history but the language will take up most of your hours.
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Hi I had the same worry at the first cause I did Spanish for a levels but I had been learning Japanese for years and obviously enjoy it more. I know that Spanish is way more practical when finding a job but I just can’t give up Japanese. So, I chose to do both at uni and I think it’s not too late to make the final choice after having lectures and learning deeper into these two languages and their cultures. Hope this helps xx
(It’s hard to choose between interest and future but I think we can make this decision a bit later if there’s the choice to do both)
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There are some courses that you could do 50/50 so maybe try to search for them
Choose the Asian language. Due to my life circumstances I am choosing Japanese where Korean was my first choice. If you have the opportunity choose the one you're passionate about.

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