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Bristol Freshers 2022

I’m going to university of Bristol and don’t really understand where and which freshers wristband you’re meant to buy?? Is it better to wait until I arrive and buy it then? What do I even really do during freshers (I know drink party etc) but like what am I actually doing in that week and do I need to buy tickets/ things now?
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Hi, I will be starting my second year at the University of Bristol in September. There is always loads of discussion over which freshers wristband to get, although you don't actually have to get any at all. There are lots of group chats where people say which ones they've got and once accommodation is released, you can try and find your new flatmates and get the same ones so you can go together if you like. The wristbands are quite expensive though and completely optional, there are events you can get into without them.
The rest of the time, in Freshers you don't really have a lot to do. Just try and make friends with your flatmates and course mates and settle into university.

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