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Starting college in a few weeks, any tips?

Really anxious about it, how'd the first few weeks go for those of you who have already been? I'm especially worried about making friends, how easy is it? Also what are the people usually like? And what kind of clothing is best for it? I have no clue lol. Any info would help, thanks.
From my experience:
- be organised (not saying I was but it really helps :redface:),
- dress as you're comfortable with as long as it follows the dress code,
- be ready to learn and engage in classes,
- and don't rush into friendships. The right people will come to you :hugs:
Most importantly, the right people will be happy with you the way you are, and pretending to be something is never nice or easy

Hope those tips help :smile: Good luck!
Ok thanks, yeah I'm crap at being organized but working on it, I actually bought a folder to put papers in instead of scrunching them into my bag,feels weird lol.
And yeah I'm working on confidence too so hopefully that helps haha
Thanks for the advice :smile:

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