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Could someone please mark my English Language P1 Q2 practice?

I was wondering if there were any teachers that could mark my English language question practice, could you grade it as well as give helpful advice? Thank you.This is Question 2 for the English Language Paper 1 of the 2020 exam (Rosie Paper)The writer successfully describes how the garden seems to be a mystical environment, dominated by this uncanny mulberry tree. The ancient mulberry is described to have 'its knuckles in the earth like a giant malformed hand'. The writer effectively uses personification within the declarative sentence to illustrate the mulberry tree as a sentient being, by depicting it with human characteristics. The noun 'hand' lends the mulberry tree a powerful atmosphere as it seems that it is almost terraforming the land, molding it to its will, so as a ceramist would to its own creation. This promotes a surreal aura around the garden. Therefore the garden is portrayed as supernatural seeming to have an obscure mulberry tree that dominates it. Secondly, the writer powerfully depicts the garden as being a discordant atmosphere, which interests us as readers, making us wonder if this chaotic garden is a reflection of Rosie's conflicted mind. In the garden, the mulberry tree's trunk was 'snarled with the tangled ivy that grew up through the broken bricks... chocking it. The writer uses personification to show how disorderly the garden is. The noun 'ivy' shows this as ivy is genuinely associated with harm hence the plant poison ivy. Additionally, the verb choice 'chocking' clearly illustrates a violent atmosphere within this chaotic garden - such as the overgrown 'mass of nettles and brambles '. This prompts us to ponder whether the chaotic garden is actually a physical reflection of Rosie's stressed mind.

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