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I'm just very unhappy for years

I used to enjoy watching cricket back in late 90s until 2011.

This was when 250 was a good score and 75 in the last 10 overs used to be challenging to chase down. Cricket is not balanced and intriguing, captivating like in the 2003, 2007 World cup when matches were open and anything could happen, even sharjah Cup was interesting. Because the match could Evolve during the 50 overs.

I used to go on cricket forums, mystic forums, so many forums you name it.

Back then I also had cricket practice, played backyard cricket and PlayStation.

I love the paranormal, horror things.

No backyard cricket, no PlayStation, lonely, I did go to my friends house and watch horror movie.

At 32 I'm not sure what to do, what meet ups to join.
TSR is a great platform

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