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Does anyone have an example IRP

Just the 2 min speech thing
have you seen the examples on the AQA website?
There isn't any
here are the transcripts for three sample IRPs with marks given. if you follow this link: AQA A level Spanish Paper 3, it should take you to all of the files published for paper 3 - the first three audio files correspond to the three IRPs in the file I have attached.
But I thought for the 2 min presentation u just talk without pausing and the teacher doesn't ask questions
yeah the audio is of the whole IRP, including the presentation followed by the discussion. the transcripts are in sections and in the presentation section, the teacher begins the exam and asks the student to say what their chosen topic is and then the student is told they can begin their 2 min presentation. i think the first student is cut off by the teacher as the 2 mins is over before the student finishes their presentation. they then begin the discussion.

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