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US student applying to UK University

I am a U.S. student planning to apply (next year) to UK unis including Oxford. Since I don’t have Alevels I’ll be sending SAT and AP scores. The requirements for Oxford is 4 5’s, but if I have more, should I send those? And would a 4 be considered good or bad? My current stats are
SAT: 1570
AP 5’s: 4
AP 4’s: 2
I’m also planning on taking 8 more exams this year, at least 4 of which should be 5’s.So would I send just 4 of the 5’s, or would I send all the 5’s, or could I include 4s and 5s?
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I think you just send all of them in. UCAS states on their website "You must enter all your qualifications from secondary education onwards whether you have the result (even any that were ungraded) or you’re still awaiting exams and results"
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Well done on your fabulous stats!!
As previously mentioned, you are supposed to report all your AP scores (high or low!)
The requirement is the bare minimum, without which they would summarily reject your application, so in your case, the more the merrier!
In the end, the interview stage (and the entrance tests) carry greater weightage in determining the success of your application (but you probably know this already!)
As noted, the UCAS application platform requires you declare all qualifications taken or attempted (both good and bad results). Failing to disclose any can be grounds for your application to be disqualified, any offers you hold to be nullified by the unis, and you may even be excluded from UCAS for one or more application cycles subsequently!

So there is no choice in the matter, and it's up to the unis to decide what they think is good or bad :smile:

Likewise I believe you need to declare all SAT (or ACT) results/sittings - there is no Score Choice in the UK as far as I know.

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