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    Strange one, I suffer from depression and self esteem issues that got to an all time low 4 years ago before that I was happy but low confidence and esteem but not depression.

    When I was younger I had fun dreams that I loved to have and continuity and canocity i.e when I was in my early teens to about 16 I had a pseudo kinda family one where it really was my family but like 18 months behind real life and I was aware it was a dream but events moved slightly different than real life.

    I also had a lot of dreams about going on holiday to teen camps that I loved, going to arcades, new schools and laods of friends.

    When I was 16 I started college so my dreams started changing but had a similar basic theme.

    But after the depression at 22 and recently my dreams are terrible.

    I have some disgusting dreams I cant control which must have some hidden meaning.

    I used to have a sort of temporal control as I say a continuity so even if I woke up in real life I could go to bed next night and continue it.

    Now time is messed up and often negative, I go into dreams and my dream self has done some evil things that me being there now gets the blame for and disgusting things.

    I once dreamt I had met this 14 year old chav and got herself and myself addicted to heroin and her pregnant and we were on the streets then in a hostel.

    Also in my dreams if I chat to a woman im usally attacked and grabbed by police and arrested for past rapes I have done or murdering women.

    The general theme is that my anger makes me believe I want to hurt people so then seconds later im attacked by people in the dream for multiple murders.

    And lack of complete control.

    When im happy in real life I can dream im in a fight and completly winning and god like powerful, when im upset in real life I could still be god like powerful but will punch so hard it can crack the ground but it would be like a feather touching someone and do no damage.

    I often wake up multiple times during the night too.
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