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A Level English Language Investigation NEA

Currently my teachers aren't available to me, so I'm hoping somebody here knows something that could help me! When I return to school for Y13, I have to have decided the topic of my Investigation NEA for English Language and I'm stumped! I definitely want to look at media (e.g. I did a presentation on Game of Thrones regarding language and gender) because it aligns best with my strengths and already existing interests. Does anyone have any ideas for what I could look into? Anything helps!
Hey! I just finished AQA English Lang and did my coursework on Power and Occupational Language specifically Leidner's hypothesis of language styling. I initially wanted to do gender and the misrepresentation of women in sport but found that the issue with the topic was the evidence that I was looking for simply didn't exist which did in fact evidence my question but I couldn't analyse this. My advice would be if you're set on doing gender choose the language theorist that you are interested by the most eg Dale Spender and the Dominance model, and then find a topic which both supports and challenges this. It is much easier to start with the theorist than with the niche topic in my opinion. It also means that you can use a meta analysis of multiple different shows within the same genre as game of thrones which gives you much more material to work with and allows for a summative and comprehensive analysis of gendered language. Hopefully this helps and if you would like to read an NEA from last year on a different topic just to get a general idea of how you could write one I'm happy to share mine with you :smile:

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