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IAL Pure Maths and Futher Maths

Can I do IAL Pure Maths and IAL Further Maths and get 2 qualifications?
I'm planning to take P1234,FP1, FP2 for ial pure maths and FP12,S12,D1,M1 for ial futher math.
I know that each qualification requires different contributing units but FP1 is a compulsory unit for both qualifications, so how does it work?
Thanks in advance!
no, IAL Pure Maths is sat as an alternative to Maths and Further Maths. You can't reuse modules for different qualifications so it'd be one pathway or the other.

You need two more units (selecting from S3/M2/M3/F3) to achieve an A-level in maths and further maths. As it stands, you would be able to achieve an A-level in Maths (with P1-P4 and two from S1-2/D1/M1) and an AS in Further Maths. (with F1 and the two applied units not selected for A-level maths)
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For Maths, You'll need P1-P4 + FP1 + ONE of (FP2,3). For Further Maths, You'll need FP1, FP2.
So FP1 must be used twice, which is not accepted by the exam board for cash-in.
I've included the cash-in combination table for my country's IAL exam board. Don't know if it helps.Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 21.42.28.png
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The modules for Pure Maths clashes with Further (and regular Maths), so if you do Pure you only get 1 A level. The only way to get 2 is to do Maths and Further Maths with 12 different modules.
Hey guys, I am looking for a qualification to take as part of my application for a second bachelors in Math and CS. Since they want equivalents of the A levels, in my circumstances, would I have to complete 3 qualifications from Pearson Edexcel or would I simply take 3 out of all components. Thanks in advance!

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