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Degree choice: Tourism and events management vs business management

I’ve managed to secure a uni course for Tourism and Events Management., however, I am now looking at Business Management as well.

I would want to go into something tourism/hospitality based like hotel management and events or other stuff in the sector, however, I don’t know if doing a tourism and events degree will be strong with regards to securing jobs or having high prospects (will make sure to get part time hands on experience in the sector, but of course I’m assuming most people will be doing this too).
Within the business management degree, they have two of the same modules within the second year which are optional so if I chose business management I guess I could still do a bit of study with regards to tourism and can make it more prospective to employers? I do like the tourism and events modules but do think the business management modules will be of advantage.
Any thoughts on this?
A business management degree might broaden up your job prospects. Most event planners and people who work in hospitality, in general, do not have a degree in that field, it a more about your work experience/ social network.
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Hey I’m an undergrad in hospitality studies
Before you join a course make sure you know what department you are interested in there is a variety of options in the hospitality sector + it’s not just about the degree but the experience in most hotels,
An event management degree won’t help with most of the jobs only a few like banquet manager etc
But business management might help with some
A lot of hotels prefer hiring management candidates who have specialised for the hotel industry such as culinary management
Supply chain management
International hospitality studies
Hotel management and tourism studies
Culinary arts
Some of the degrees get specialised in 3rd year specific to the department of the hotel you want to work in
Departments : kitchen , food and beverage , housekeeping, front office
Really depends on what type of work you are looking for in the future in terms of your career aspect

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