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Friends or More.. Do I.. Don't I ? watch

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    please keep anonymous or delete.. thanks..

    well.. here goes ! there's a guy i've been working with at he's great.. we is just like my best mate and so we get along really well.. at work we've had light banter, some teasing and i'll admit some light flirting..

    i don't like him any more than a mate.. thats it.. nothing more.. however since working with him from the summer little signs here and there suggest to me that he likes me such as: he's told me i have a nice figure.. we'd hug and i'd feel he'd hug me waaay too long than friends should.. i invited him to my 18th and he'd start poking my thigh randomly under the table and constantly filling up my glass.. at my mates birthday he began poking me under the table again..he apparently seemed quite angry/upset/defensive when i told my mates i had a good night at work with one of the people everyone else seems to hate as he's miserable but i thought he was fine..

    eventually he did tell me that he liked me.. i'm still at college and he's just finished uni and so he was free during the day and when i had some frees we#d occasionally meet up.. at the time i didn't think anything more of it untill one time we met up and ended up back at his house.. it was fine simply sitting there chatting away until the poking began again.. then he was trying to tickle me and teasing me by not giving me back my work.. eventaully we move on from that and standing at the door about to leave where he hugged me and kissed me and admitted he liked me.. awkard silence.. then he said be honest i know you like me to.. but i don't so i told him the truth that i like him as a mate only..

    since then i've thought it would be fine and we'd move on.. accept we haven't and it's gotten worse.. he seems quite forward and is determined we're going to go out on a date however i'm not sure if this will actually materialise.. we've met up a few times since then and we cannot seem to have a conversation without him mentioning this situation somehow or someway.. i few more times he's tried it on with me but i have again said no and i'm happy staying friends and i've never lead him on in any way.. some of the things he's said have made me feel a bit uncomfortable.. partly becasue he's already got a girlfriend, partly becasue i've never experienced anything like this before and it's all new territory for me and partly because h'es comming on a tad too strong and so i'm running for the hills..

    the problem is.. i'm not sure anymore.. i don't wanna lose him as friend at all as i think he's great.. we text each other fairly frequently and i'm.. i'm sort of becoming dependant on his texts now.. kind of hoping that the next message is from him.. thinking about him a bit more.. we chat on facebook and he says things like "i'm heading offline now.. text me if you want.." after a good convo and i kinda do want to but i don't as it may be seen as leading him on but now i'm trying to work out if i actually do like him..

    any advice on how to approach this situation and what on earth i can do to sort out my head.. ! :confused:

    I think you do. Had same situ. Still do, and regretting not going after him. Try it out. If you decide not to, it might be awkward for a while. and there is the risk of losing him, but if you're good enough friends, you will always repair.

    I think you should go for it. Seems like you like him, and he likes you. Yay

    Don't start something with him while he's still with his current girlfriend though. If he's prepared to cheat on her, he'll cheat on you too

    He's got a girlfriend?? :confused:

    Hmm. Be careful. Tbh, I wouldn't advise doing anything unless he's broken up with the other girl. I kindof know what you mean about being dependant on a guy for the emotional support/friendly flirting and stuff...it can be hard to let that go...but if he's taking it too far and making you uncomfortable then steer clear. Hope it works out for you
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