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I don’t understand which reaction takes place in reaction 3, and how is Sulfuric acid the catalyst and how does it react with (CH3)2CHOH cos wouldn’t that be a phenol reacting with another phenol? I’m so confused please reply fast cos I can’t move on without understanding this
It’s question a) iii)
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This is as best a guess as I only really started this section if it’s A2 a week into last term, but looking at the functional groups it would be esterification as regardless of the benzene ring the carboxyl group is reaction with the alcohol group and therefore has produced an ester thus must be esterification (a condensation reaction). Hope this helps :smile:
Yes, I think you are looking at the wrong functional group. The 'phenol' bit you are looking at isn't the part that is reacting, it's the COOH group becoming an ester. So try and think of it as a normal esterification reaction, but with the 'R' part as the rest of the salicylic acid.

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