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How to revise English for GCSE?

Hi, I'm going into y11 soon and my grades in English lit and lang are 7 and 6 respectively. I know it's not too bad, but I want to get 8s and 9s if I can, so if anyone could give me tips on how to improve in these subjects that would be super helpful (especially for literature).
Hi!! I got an 8 in literature in GCSEs and I was about your level before the actual exams (according to my teacher) and this is how I achieved it.

As you know this is a very subjective subject, especially since everyone has different perspectives. To attain an almost indisputable mark you must first have outstanding knowledge, which is the foundation for all your writing. Even the little things which you think are insignificant are actually what they’re looking for. They want something unique. Look for the little words that even your teacher hasn’t told you and analyse them.

Use words like connotes- ALOT. Give them that specialty vocabulary and show them you know how to evaluate, you may think this is just for language but for literature too. Make very clear points and try to cleverly intertwine them with other points using this tip of mine.


The best I’ve found are:
- Mr salles
- Stacy rhea - an incredibly thorough teacher which surprisingly isn’t popular!

Don’t revise just the book but it’s history! If you want 8 or 9 this is what’s gonna really get to them. If you show them you know things such as what a 1900s socialist manifesto was, they’ll know you’ve made effort.

Another very important matter is that you do essays at least once in a while and show them to your teacher so they can mark them. Practise can actually make perfect. (As cliche as it is) I didn’t do this to be honest but I really think I possibly would’ve gotten a 9 if I did.

Honestly if you just spread out your revision from now, you’d be more likely ready by your GCSEs. Time spent here and there will make your mind more familiar and that’s why short term memory caused by all revision right before exams ISNT useful.

These are mostly literature tips but can apply to language, if you need further help for language too ask!

Lastly, please remember that any effort counts and not to pressure yourself but push yourself to fulfil your potential. Make sure you sleep loads and drink and eat well- this is important for revision too. I’m just some person on the internet, you’re the one that counts.

Good luck!!!!
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I got a 9 in English lit for gcse, and let me tell you, start learning quotes and planning essays before hand. Planning essays and practicing structure will get you to an easy 9.
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For English language, I also got a 9, you just need to follow a structure and keep to it. Learn it parrot fashion.

Good luck!
Hi! I just got 2 9s in english lit and language so hopefully my methods work.

For language make sure you know your structures by heart, how much you should be writing, timings etc. If you can't get your timings down you're risking a lot. Do past paper questions- firstly without time constraints, then in exam conditions. Ask your teacher to mark them and give you feedback on them and then work on your weaknesses. Make sure you know all of your terminology (anaphora, oxymoron etc) and that you can identify them as that is what ultimately gets you marks. Try to make as many perceptive points as possible.

For literature make sure you know your quotes- I made flashcards with missing words. Find every single past question that has come up on your texts and plan essays for them as questions can be reused. Then, attempt the questions and work on your timings- for macbeth, aic etc you're looking at 50 mins per essay give or take. Again, ask your teacher to mark these and give you feedback. I also made mindmaps for each character and theme with key points/info and quotes that linked to those points.

Hopefully this is helpful and lmk if you have any more questions :smile:
Thank you everyone, all the advice here is really useful! :smile:

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