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how can I prepare for year 12

my school starts in a week and a bit and i was wondering what is the best way for me to get ahead. my school hasnt posted us any summer homework nor have they told us the texts ill be studying in english or which film/text ill study for spanish, I borrowed the AQA A level spanish book from my library but im hesitant to start going through it as i dont even know if my teacher will base our work entirely off the book.
If the exam board your school is using for spanish is AQA, then your teacher won’t tend to stray from what’s on the textbook too much/if at all, as it will contain all the information you need thats required from the specification, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

If your school hasn’t set you any work, then I wouldn’t worry too much for now! Just enjoy your last few weeks of the summer holiday :smile:
don't worry about getting ahead! at the start it really isn't fast paced at all - everyone is in the same boat as you and the teachers understand that. If you want, you could start learning the vocab from lists in the textbook and quizlets online

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