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I'm starting a level history soon and doing topics on Britain Transformed 1919-1997, The USA 1920-1955, Boom, Bust and Recovery, and Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors 1485–1603. Any tips on how to over the topics so that I can get an A/A*
Well, obviously start with 3 lists.

Do a timeline for each.

You'll need supplemental reading material beyond your set textbooks so maybe choose one recognized author for each.

Plus for "Britain Transformed" you'll need a good doctor and strong anti-depressants - it's a story of decline and decay. And of course greed and avarice.

For the USA that's drugs, plastic and politics without honor. And of course greed and avarice.

For the Tudors you'll need a strong stomach. The pestilence of lawyers or nuisance of health & safety had not yet been invented. People solved their differences in a very straightforward if bloody way. Did I mention the greed and avarice?

Collect many quotes to learn by heart e.g. on the beaches and the day that will live forever in infamy etc.

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