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Ready for a future in Chemical Engineering?

Abdalrahman did the Engineering Foundation Year, before going on to study Chemical Engineering MEng (Hons) here at Bradford.

This is his story.


This is where I want to be
My A level results weren't great, and I thought about quitting education altogether, but one of the student ambassadors at Bradford called me during Clearing and told me there were options available. I attended an open day here on the same day, and once I'd met with the professors and seen the labs, I decided it was the university for me and applied to do the Engineering Foundation Year.

Building strong foundations
The Engineering Foundation Year set me up for the next step.

It was engineering specific, so we covered things like physics, maths, materials, and mechanics, and we got to do a lot of practical work, including physics experiments in the labs for two hours every week. It really does make you university ready.

When I started the MEng Chemical Engineering course, I felt like I had an advantage over those students who'd come to university straight from college.

Ready for a future in Chemical Engineering
The course changes how you think. It makes you more analytic, so you always think about both the smaller and bigger picture.

The Reaction Engineering module has been my favourite so far, as it focuses on things like mass and energy balance. It's really related to what you'll do if you work in chemical engineering, so it will be useful in the future. The maths we used in the module was also really advanced, so it's helped improve my skills in that area too.

A well-rounded experience
There's a small cohort doing my course, so the facilities we need to use are always available.

There's a warm atmosphere at Bradford. Bradford is a really diverse university, and we have people studying here from more than 110 nationalities. It makes people very accepting and creates a really warm environment where everyone is very friendly.

Advice for others wanting to follow in my footsteps
Chemical Engineering isn't an easy subject to study and you have to be committed to it to get the most out of your degree. Time management is key and if you want to do well, you need to manage your time effectively. But, at the same time, make sure you have a good work/life balance and don't work too hard.

Interested in a career in Chemical Engineering? Find out more about our course, entry requirements, and how to apply. :smile:

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