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Official Cambridge 2022 Applicants Thread Mk II

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Important stuff

Feel free to answer the questions below and introduce yourselves! 1) What A Levels are you taking from September (or other eligible qualifications)? 2) What course at Cambridge do you have your eyes on? And why? 3) What grades did you get at GCSE? Are you retaking any? 4) Why Cambridge specifically? and why not Oxford? 5) Which admissions tests do you have to sit, and when will you start preparing for them? 6) What have you done in lockdown to help your studies and potentially your application to Cambridge? 7) What do you want to do with your degree from Cambridge? 8) Have you decided which college you're applying to? Useful Links/Info



Applicant Threads

For all your questions, @Peterhouse Admissions is quite active on this site, and so feel free to ask them anything regarding admissions and Cambridge in general! Good luck everyone!!

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