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what are your gcse grades and a level grades

i wanna know how u improved and if its possible for me to do very well like you guys :biggrin:
i didn't do super well lol. My anyway - my gcse grades (very average ngl)
I did Media, History, French and Health and Social Care as optional subjects. I received: 6 in Media, 6 in French, 5 in History, D* in Health and Social Care (It was a BTEC - Equivalent to a grade 9 in GCSE) I also did the compulsory subjects (Maths, English Lit, Lang, Triple Science) I have dyscalculia and so getting a 5 in maths was a dream come true, and I got 5's in the rest too. (english Lit, Language and Triple Science I was awarded 5s)
My A-Level's I am taking, with Predicted grades (due to sit exams in Summer '23)
Health and Social Care (Predicted Distinction)
Media (Predicted C)
Travel and Tourism (Predicted Distinction)
This equates to BBC. I am applying to average universities for a degree in Speech and Language Therapy, and have just finished my personal statement. My number one top tip is: organise everything; notes, revision timetable, and of course do past papers like their your crush :wink:
GCSEs: A*AAAABBBBBBCC (13 in total)
A-Levels: AAC (3 in total)
AS-Levels: B (1 in total)
Start of Year 11 I was really shite tbf I never did any revision. If I did do revision it was reading the revision guide at break before any tests. My lowest grade was physics at a 3 and highest was business at a 7.


Year 11 mocks was near so I decided to actually do some revision. Ended up doing pretty well in both my nov and feb mocks which gave me good CAGs


I realised that if you work hard it will be repaid with good grades so kept the same work ethic for A levels. Achieved A*A*A* in biology, chemistry and maths. Going Imperial in October 🤓

Even if you aren’t doing well in year 11 or year 13 you still have loads of time to turn it around especially with September coming soon. Just make sure to put in effort at the start so it will be easier for you later
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was at a grade 4 in maths in our mid-year-10 mocks.
got an 8 in the real thing a year and a half later.

it is absolutely possible to improve if you put in the work and have the right support.
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i wanna know how u improved and if its possible for me to do very well like you guys :biggrin:

GCSE grades were: 9999988877
A level (first year) are: A*A*A*A B

But before Year 10 my grades weren't that great. Honestly, as lame as this advice sounds compared to the more practical advice, you have to try and romanticise school. No matter how much studying you do, if you don't have an ounce of passion/interest/motivation to study, then the quality of your revision won't be great. Even if it means having a crush and wanting to study more to impress them with your intelligence, do it. Put on your favourite songs (ideally instrumentals), sit down at your desk (make your desk aesthetically nice and a place you want to be), write pretty-but-useful notes and do practice papers. That would be my advice for you :smile: Of course it's possible for anyone to improve their grades! You just gotta change ur mindset and outlook...good luck!!

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