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are these grades good enough to study medicine?

in my gcses this year i got 987776666
9= eng lit
8= eng lang
7= bio
7= french
7= history
6= chem
6= maths

I'm considering studying medicine at imperial london, but im worried about my 6s in chem and maths, but I'm going in yr 12 and i'm wondering if other factors such as a levels, BMAT and UCAT scores, interviews etc would matter more in the end
any advice would be appriciated!
Depends what the requirements are for the imperial London medical school, I do know for Manchester they require 7 grade 7s and 6 at the lowest for maths, English and sciences

Check their website for the requirements xx
Those GCSEs are good enough to go to medical school, is the short answer - not all medical schools, but a large proportion of them. Many do not have many GCSE requirements, or only require 5-7 GCSEs grade 4 and above.

A quick look at Imperial's entry requirements suggests that they don't have any GCSE requirements, only good A-level results including Bio and Chem. However there may be some insider knowledge about this that I am not aware of. You will also of course need to do the BMAT for Imperial.

Focus on your A-levels, and once you have predicted grades you can come back and post in the "Which medical school should I apply to megathread" for advice.

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