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Can I change my piercing after I get them pierced?

I am on my schools dance team and we have to wear team earrrings and since I don’t have my ears pierced I have to wear the clip on one but they hurt really bad and and hurt for days on. So I was wanting to get my ears pierced and just wear the ones that go into your ear but idk what to do cause we are on football season and I don’t have 4-6 weeks to let them heal. So could I just change them out into the team earrings for games and put the studs back in or do I need to just wait? (I would get them pierced in the team earrings but they are pig and shiny and just not regular wear earrings)
I would wait, as the constant taking them in and out for football has the potential to really aggravate the piercing, and increases the chance for infection
Thank you! That makes a lot of sense actually 😂
You should not change your piercings until they have fully healed. There’s a fair chance this could be slightly past the 4-6 weeks your piercer has recommended - not to mention that it’s also an actual open wound, so you’re introducing new bacteria into it hence increasing the risk of infection (which can lead to further complications down the line).

I’ve recently had my ears pierced too (helix and lobe), I’d love to change them, feel your pain. But now isn’t the time, no matter how urgent this feels. If you’re still seriously considering taking them out I’d contact your piercer and tell them about your situation, but I’d put fair money on the answer still being a firm “no, you’re asking for infection”.
Also forgot to mention - a piercing should be fully healed once the crusting stops. Considering how fresh it is, I can’t imagine that’s happening anytime soon

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