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Should aspiring authors study creative writing?

When it comes to Creative Writing most of the skills you need to learn you can pick up for free on the internet. A degree in creative writing won't make you stand out to publishers anymore than someone who doesn't have one. What are people's thoughts on this?
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Self learning and institutionalised education are two different approaches for getting knowledge (but not mutually exclusive). I guess there is no general conclusion about which approach could always more effective than another one and suitable to everyone. Growth and development is always a unique process.
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Hi, I'm an aspiring writer who is going to be studying Creative Writing as a part of their degree. I understand that creativity cannot be taught, and that I should hone my craft outside of the realms of academia, which I am doing during my gap year. I personally find the benefit of studying Creative Writing as an academic subject to be useful for a few things: Benefiting from gaining wisdom from those in the writing industry, making potential links to the writing industry and learning techniques on how you can improve your writing (so the technical side of things).

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