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Hi all any idea about this?

I'm a UK citizen who wasn't in the UK in the 3 years prior to starting my program in 2021, and ain't sure if I needa do the ID check (necessary for the matriculation) this year - I'm a 2nd year PGR student.

From what I saw on the uni website, "If you are a returning UK or EU student with pre-settled/settled status, you do not need to attend an ID check, though you must still complete online matriculation."

Not sure what they mean by "UK student" in this specific context and haven't got a reply from them probably they're too busy. This year is different because they no longer do ID check via Teams but require you to do it in person, if needed, in a faraway location.

Not sure if the matriculation events in the upcoming week are only for UG + PGT students rather than us. Some people said before that they were only asked for an ID check once since they were citizens having lived here for their whole life. So this seems to complicate the issue and does anyone have an idea?

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