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MRes application: What am I doing?

Hi everyone!

I really want to apply to do a Critical Theory MRes at my current uni, coming from undergrad Politics & IR. For context, the research will be about anarcha-feminism. The department switch is not too much of a jump, but I don't personally know any of the possible supervisors to apply to. The uni website says that feminism is a typical topic to cover for the course, but I can't find a single available supervisor that specialises in feminism (which is typical for my uni, it leans more towards 'traditional' research).

Should I give up and look elsewhere, or email the very tenuous couple of researchers who might be able to help? I'm really not sure about the etiquette or timeline yet, my uni is absolutely useless with supporting MRes applicants- probably because (or why) there are so few.

Any advice would be appreciated! :smile:

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