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    Quick question for the pilot officers out there; how often (and how long) do you have to spend away from home, family and friends? How much strain has this put on your relationships?


    Slightly confusing question! Hence its difficult to answer.

    Are you asking about an officer whose primary role is to fly aircraft? Or are you asking about Pilot Officer i.e. the lowest commissioned rank in the RAF?

    Do you really mean Pilot Officers? Or do you just mean Pilots?
    Pilot Officer being a rank, Pilot being a job. (I'll assume you mean Pilots)
    Next question, what do you mean, away from home?

    Chances are that your posting (flying station you are based at) is away from your family, so that there is a good 2/3/4 years (although you can, if you have enough free time/leave, travel back home). And then there is never any guarantee that you will be posted near your home town, but that is simply like leaving home, making a living on your own, like anyone of that age would do.

    If you mean, deployment, that will depend on what you fly and what you are being tasked to do. In short, you could be a Tri-star pilot, assigned to the Air Bridge, meaning that you are away only 2 or 3 days at a time but regularly as you take troops to/from the Middle East.
    Or you could be a Fast Jet pilot that spend a few months out in the Middle East before returning.

    It all depends...
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    A TELIC det isn't too long, but I'm not sure if deployment lengths are particularly open source information. Individual dets range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months abroad for various things, and there are plenty of dets of a couple of weeks here and there in the UK. In training, expect to spend a hell of a long time commuting at weekends; I've spent plenty of time only seeing my family every second weekend or so.

    People bandy around all sorts of numbers, but on a busy fleet you can expect to spend 6 months a year away.
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