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    A big part of me wants to move out for a different experience than that of staying at home i feel i will get more from it, but i have all the usual concerns, if i might hate it, hall friends are a nightmare cleanliness etc, and just getting plain lonely!

    ive never lived away from home and id say im quite quiet but fine once i get to know people, and i enjoy a good night out! im hoping moving out will help me grow up a bit more an be more independant but i dont want the reverse to happen and become miserable sitting in my room most nights!

    Most opnions when ive asked has bin pretty negative saying i wont last and i just want to hear from anyone else who feels in the same situation?!

    Surely if my desire to go is big enough then i will make the most of it and enjoy it?

    I absolutely love my house.
    Nice and big
    big bedroom
    everything i can ever want
    double bed etc etc

    the list is endless.

    I'm really looking forward to uni, but i really wud rather put my room in the halls.
    seriously the rooms are the size of my bathroom =/
    but the social side im really looking forward to, and its going to be a great learning experience!

    tbh i dnt think we will spend too much time in our rooms! and im sure you will be social and not just stuck in your room,
    we will have to try and not compare it to our houses!
    thats how i am thinking!!!
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    With out sounding soft i never really thought not to compare! It really makes sense too as it will be highly impossible to have all the luxuries of home in pretty much a shoe box!

    Im hoping to go to bangor and thats about an hour and a half away from home at most so its not like im at the other end of the country and cant get home for a weekend.

    i 100% want to make the most of it! Im just goin to have to take that big step and do it and just wait and see!

    I love my home, friends, family etc but decided to go to uni much earlier than I needed to ( I was 16). Everyone said I would never last, would hate it, be lonely etc but I absolutey love it Do what YOU feel is right, other's opinions don't matter.

    Do what you feel it right.

    For me i never really considered living at home while going to uni. Im at a university which i guess i could commute to if i chose to but id much prefered to move in.
    You do have to make an effort with flatmates etc, and they might not neccessarally be people you would usually associate with but make the most of it.

    Like you said yourself, you're not going to a uni which makes it impossible to not come home. I know plenty of people on my course who now wish they had moved out, but its down to personal preference.

    I could easily commute to uni from home but i chose to live in halls which im very glad i did. The experiance has made me take responsibilty for myself such as learning to cook wash iron etc.

    ive also made so great friends been out loads.

    I wasnt the quite one so cant comment on that all I can say is there will probabily be some idiot like me in you halls that willing to go up and talk to people so just tag along with them.

    Everyone is very friendly esepecially in freshers as everyone is in the same boat.

    I live about 20miles away or a 30minute drive and have been home twice since the start of term. Next year i will be living at home to try and save money for my graduate degree but wish i could spend another year in halls
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