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a level history coursework

hi all, my history teacher is somewhat useless at advice so I was wondering how would one go about structuring one's introduction to the question "the reason Churchill lost the 1945 election was due to the policy of social reform offered by labour"
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The most intuitive way to structure this is to weigh up the different factors which shaped the outcome of the election, clearly affirming your view.

My advice is to write your intro at the end (this is what I did and I got 40/40 on AQA A-Level History). Your arguments will change, probably significantly, and you’ll end up having to rewrite it anyway.

If it’s not too late, I’d also reconsider this question. It seems a little narrow in scope for a 4000 word essay in that it requires substantial focus on a named factor. Perhaps you could broaden the focus of the question a little? Just a thought but if it’s all planned out I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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