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Can I do Law with these A levels

So currently Im taking Geography Biology and Chemistry EPQ and maybe Chinese (I’m practically fluent so if needed I can do some prep for the exams).

Originally I was considering taking geography then a conversion course until I realised the schools I’m aiming for don’t offer this course hence now I want to go straight for law and maybe focus more on environmental law in my personal statement to link to my geography and to explain my subject choices. But still I think I’m left in a sticky situation for I have only one essay based subject Geography… I know that most law students often take lit or history which I clearly am not.

So I wanted to ask if Im aiming for UCL KCL etc for law are my A level choices really bad?

Would my science A levels put me at a disadvantage?

Also I wanted to specify that despite my mostly A* gcse profile my A and B were from lit and english language… would that put me at a disadvantage?

Is there a point in taking Chinese A levels ? Would it would help with application?

Other needed background info:

Predicted 3A* if I do Chinese I could probably get an A or A*
A in EPQ
8 A*s 1A 1B GCSE
Taken part in MUN debating
Virtual law work experience
Done quite a lot of reading into law
Law targeted EPQ that links with biology ethics
Target uni : UCL KCL Manchester Bristol Exeter
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There are NO required subjects for Law - you just need high grades.
Some people find an essay based subject useful for LNAT but this is nor essential.
So choose 3 subjects you will enjoy studying and where you feel confident of A / A* grades.

Just be aware that both LSE and UCL are insanely competitive - in 2021, LSE received 26,000+ applications for roughly 1,700 places (total, all subjects).
This means that even with the right grades and a good LNAT score, your chances of an offer are very, very slim. Applying to both LSE and UCL is an added risk - you coulld end up with no offer on both choices, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham etc are top Unis for Law - and you actually have a chance of a place. Think carefully about the level of dispapointment you can cope with.

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