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Cambridge : History or HistPol

I'm applying to Cambridge this October and I'm still not decided on my course. For other unis, I've been set on History and Politics because it interests me more but in Cambridge, the History Single Honours degree is less competitive (less applicants per place and apparently less strong) and I'm sure I would also find it fascinating. Seen as I would love to go to Cambridge, should I apply to History? If I do that, how do I write my personal statement for both HistPol and History?

Also : what are your tips for the interview? the personal statement? colleges (I'm hesitating between Homerton, Corpus Christi and Girton)?

Thanks :smile:
You should be aiming to apply to a course, not a university. There's a good chance no matter what you will end up not getting an offer at Cambridge, so you need to accept that you may not end up studying there. Your best chance of studying there will be by applying to the course you have the most interest and engagement in.

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