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Control freak parents/ Controlling parents. Being treated differently to siblings

What is the best way to cope mentally with control freak parents, who refuse to give you any privacy in the household? Not stable in a job..........everything is just so difficult with them constantly trying to meddle with my business...................
Honestly I’ve got the same problem, they’re trying to stop me from working just so I can be in the house all the time restricted and observed bare in mind im 17 and im just trying to save up enough money for university such as renting etc, there isn’t much to do in our case depending on the certain situation such as the times where if you react you’ll be beat up so you’ll just need to keep low and save up every pound you can so you can think of a plan quickly or save enough to move out fully which would be for my case but in general keep full trust in whatever plan you’ve thought of which would work for your situation and never give up we’ll get there eventually

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