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Easy things to make at University

What are easy things to make at uni in order to gain wait etc?
Im new to cooking and its time to learn.
Overdose on white rice- its pretty easy to make just make sure you wash it before cooking it. White rice especially leads to weight gain :wink:
You can try making fried rice or make some sort of curry on the side.
Commenting to know as well

I cook a lot of pasta dishes easy to prepare and cook. Also super cheap.
I also cook a lot of chicken and rice dishes
You can find loads of recipes on the internet, I would say just have a look through and see what you like.

Rebecca :smile:
Hi @Tz4ey,

I used a really useful book called the one-pot student cookbook that I picked up from Amazon for about £6.

I found it was full of really useful recipes and helped me plan my meals, but they were also friendly for my budget as well. I also liked that it could all be cooked in one pot which meant there was very little washing up to do.

You might be able to find something similar for free online and have a look through the recipes and see what you would be confident making at the start and then develop your skill along the way. There will be lots of other students new to cooking so it might also be worth looking out to see if your uni does any cooking groups/cook-alongs that would help you pick up some skills.

Have a great uni experience

Luke - Portsmouth Student Rep
Original post by Tz4ey
What are easy things to make at uni in order to gain wait etc?
Im new to cooking and its time to learn.

Hi :smile:

I would suggest trying to make a search on youtube for batch cooking, I found it really useful as a student to learn how to cook all my meals for a week and not have to think about it anymore :smile:

Alternatively, they might be a cooking society at your university that you could join to learn how to make new things :smile:

Final year MSc student at the University of Lincoln
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Jamie Oliver has some fantastkc recipes :thumbsup: I used the Nosh for students in first year :yep:

Easy things to batch cook like spag bol and chole con corne, and breaded chicken (can make into goujons), are delicious :biggrin:
Rice and chicken is the staple of bodybuilders I gather, and very easy to make and to spice up (literally!) to your preferences :smile: I would recommend getting a rice cooker if they are allowed in your halls - but check first! Otherwise pasta is always an easy option, and quite versatile in what you add for sauces. You can also get those quick cook tortellini and ravioli packs at stores with lots of flavours and are even easier to cook since it's just a couple of minutes in the pot until they're soft. But regular dried pasta is easy enough to make too (just remember - you work out when it's finished by taste testing it, not by timing it! Or throwing it at a wall to see if it sticks apparently, but I've never done that :tongue: ).

Some kind of protein obviously would be desirable if you're aiming for muscle mass. As above, chicken seems to be the favourite of bodybuilder types as a source of lean protein - it's fairly straightforward to cook, just ensure it is cooked all the way through. There is no such thing as rare chicken! It's not like steak!


You can also do lots of things with beef mince. Bolognese, chilli con carne, lasagne, etc. These are all pretty easy to make too - you can make the first two even more easily just by getting those packet spice mixes too. Lasagne is a little more involved because you have to get the different sauces and cheese and layer it all before you stick it in the oven.

If you like fish there are plenty of fish dishes you can make - often shops sell basically "pre-prepared" fillets with different sauces/seasonings and you just have to follow the instructions on them to cook directly without having to do anything fancy and get a nice e.g. sweet chilli salmon fillet or whatever cooked without much effort :smile:

Eggs are also a popular thing for people putting on muscle mass I think - you can make them basically however you like, omelette, scrambled, sunny side up, fried, poached, etc, etc! You can also make things like fritatta and quiche pretty easily - they're a lot more straightforward than you might think (quiche in particular, as long as you get the balance of cream to egg right to ensure it makes the custard when it bakes, you're pretty much sorted once you have the crust done and can just add in whatever you like the flavour of).

Veggies are pretty easy - just buy whatever you like, then boil them, steam them, stir fry them, cook them in the oven (NB this only applies to SOME kinds of veggies...don't stick spinach in the oven :tongue:), whatever process you like best. Just pay attention to the time so you don't overcook them! Obviously lots of them can be eaten without cooking anyway, although remember to give them a rinse first :wink:

Once you have some "staple" meals you are confident with making from the above, you can try looking at recipes and/or experimenting a bit more :biggrin:
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Egg fried rice.Such an easy dish.Add chicken and some frozen peas for extra nutrition.

BBC good food also has some easy recipes.
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Original post by Tz4ey
What are easy things to make at uni in order to gain wait etc?
Im new to cooking and its time to learn.

Before I started uni I bought the Nosh cookbook on Amazon for under £5 and it was a lifesaver, every recipe comes with easy measurements and the first few pages give a good idea of how to store and cook certain foods.
It's made for students in mind so every recipe has been made to be cheap and there is even a whole section dedicated to meals that only require one pan to save on washing up. All of the meals are healthy so are great if you're looking on eating more protein or carbs to fuel yourself in order to gain more weight.
I hope this helps!
-Beth, UKC Rep
Original post by Tz4ey
What are easy things to make at uni in order to gain wait etc?
Im new to cooking and its time to learn.

Eating meat can help you gain weight a lot. I always make sure i have either chicken and steak with veggies and protein and make it in bulk for the week. i found this blog the other week and the sauce recipes are so eays to make everything taste ten times better!!

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