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Robotics competitions for 6th form students?

Hey everyone!

I've just started Y12, and founded a robotics society at my school with some friends.

We think entering some competitions would be good fun, (and would also look great on a little something later on :smile:).

Just wanted to know, if you've entered any such competitions before, what their names were and how they were run, and what you used to design/build your robots, like nvidia jetson, arduino etc.

Any other general advice you have, for a student who will be applying to study Computer Science or Computer Engineering at university, would be much appreciated! (Thinking about Imperial, KCL, UCL, Warwick, maybe even Cambridge unless that turns out too ambitious).

Also, do let me know if I should post in another forum, I'm new to the student room!
I've been in a team competition called the PA Rasberry Pi Competition, which, as the name suggests, required us to create a robot which uesd a rasberry pi. The teams have to be from within the same year (or atleast mine was), and we have to submit our team and project, and needed to create a presentation for how we were developing it. We ended up creating a bird detection robot, which counted the number of birds and identified species and such, for which we needed a camera and some basic materials like wood.

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