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Geography NEA ideas?

does anyone have some geography nea ideas/examples as I am trying to choose my topic. I would like to do it on physical geography rather than human geography

Is this for Edexcel? If it is, I can give you a couple of pointers:

You could do it on sand dune succession potentially- impact of humans on sand dune succession. It would be really easy to include a statistical test here and pick up a few extra marks:wink:

You could even do it on environmental quality which is a bit of human and physical. You could potentially link this to the carbon topic. You could look at area of greenbelt land (on the fringes of London possibly?). Pollution levels and link it to health. But, I think this would be a bit too broad!:curious:

Or a typical one is on coastal defence- and how successful it is. For this, you can collect a wealth of primary data (pebble sizes, angle of the beach, questionnaires, interviews etc). You can also likely find a lot of secondary data to compare erosion rates over time and severity of flood events.

Another broad idea but it could potentially work? With the current drought situation- you could look into how this could affect the water cycle (in the UK specifically obviously). Measuring discharge levels, volumes of water over time in drainage basis (I'm sure you could use the Internet for this). You could also look into how this could affect future generations (you could touch on this in your evaluation)?

Just make sure it's something you have a genuine interest in because you're going to be working on this for many weeks to come so you will need some sort of motivation. If any other ideas come to mind, I'll pm you. I did a human project and it's been over 3 months since I last did Geography so my memory is quite rusty:colondollar:

Hope this helps! Best of luck, let me know if you have any other questions.
Would you be able to share a copy of your NEA as I'm really struggling with mine and the deadline is soon 😬😬

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