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Might be getting a dog [Advice Please!] watch


    First off never buy a dog off the internet, lies are always around. If you really want to find out more, go and SEE the dog.
    I don't agree with what is being said about gsd's being overly protective, although I don't know much about the breed I do know they are in the pastoral group, bred to work livestock.
    This means that unless this dog has been around livestock (which I highly doubt, living in a flat), livestock may be an issue for you (including other pets you may have).
    The most important thing for a gsd is socialization, emphasise this point across when you view this dog. How much has it been socialized? Don't take their word for it, make sure you see it- try and take a kid along with you or/and a dog.
    Gsd's are wonderful animals, I don't care what other people here have said, but they need the right owner.
    I haven't read your profile, but seeing other comments, at 16 I don't think you should get a dog, sure now you say you'll walk it x amount of times but life takes over sometimes- schoolwork can get on top of you so easily.
    To emphasise my point, advertisements are never a good starting point for searching for a dog. Breeders and rescues are the way forward ^^

    (Original post by tom//)
    they dont really crap on carpet, you can get scented pads for them which encourage them to do it somewhere else (outside)
    really where from?

    (Original post by silverbolt)
    really where from?

    i think it is, not too sure how it works, my mate just got a puppy and was telling me about it ;/

    (Original post by JAgg)
    Ew cat... I want a walking/running partner, I can't picture myself running alongside a cat
    This cracked me up!!

    i love german shepards.

    thats my input.


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