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They don’t care?

I suffer from seizures, and even with my condition I do a lot for my family. They are very lazy in not doing chores in the house. These people are over 18 yrs old and I have to pick up after everyone all the time. Cleaning up after them, washing their clothes...everything!!

I was having a seizure, whilst my fam members were getting ready to go out. Not one of them went in my room to at least say ”Bye” to me before they left. They knew I suffered from a few episodes yesterday.

Normally when I go out, I say bye to them and let them know where I’m going.

I just felt lonely they none of them didn’t even bother, and all I do for them too. In making sure everything is organised in the house.

When I have a busy day at work, when I’m sick or having a tough day I still do everything. But when I’m really at my worst none of them are there for me, even when I’ll definitely be there for them.

Sounds stupid, but the only thing thats always been there for me is my cat. She knows when I feel sad and for some reason she knows when I’m having my seizure.

Can’t believe I live with these selfish people.

Btw, I cant afford to move out

Any advice?
Try to focus on your ambitions, improving your finances, widening your access to effective support networks and working towards building the happy life that you want. :smile:
Above all- keep a positive attitude to life and be hopeful for the future.
Remember that you will meet many people in the world who will want to be your friend or something more and always show you that they care about you.

It sounds like the other members of your household are opportunistic users who have little interest in you as a person or member of the family.
Adding very little that is positive to your life, beyond allowing you to share their accomodation in exchange for doing the housework and tidying up after them.

Only do the minimum in terms of household chores.
Spend less time washing their clothes and cleaning up their mess.
If they want a personal maid or laundry service, they can hire a company that pays experienced domestic professionals to do all these things for customers.

I understand some of how you feel.
I was raised in a toxic & controlling household surrounded by unreasonable people who bombarded me with a constant stream of demands, aggression, insults, all manner of foul propaganda and constant noise nuisance.
Escaped 9 years ago and will never go back nor speak to any of them again.
I hope that you will be able to move far away from all the worst members of your household soon.
Good luck!
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Are you sure you don't have the money? Job market is good right now, maybe time for a change? Student or general flat sharing is quite cheap - maybe look for a large house with lots of rooms where the shared bills will be low. And take the cat.

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