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Supporting my GF through the situation with her flatmate without giving her advice?

She's an adult and more than capable of looking after herself and making her own decisions. I don't want to give her advice, because it's not my place.

She reached out to me today to say that she's had enough of her flatmate.

It's been on the ropes for quite a few weeks now, and I think she's fed up with how her flatmate treats her - her flatmate seems a bit bipolar and controlling.

Apparently today, her flatmate complained that my GF uses the laundry machine too often. She then went out to buy my GF new sheets for her bed... And then put them on for my GF.

My GF works until midnight all week, so she must be a bit overwhelmed.

She's said that's she's done and is going to be looking for another flat. It sounds like she's made up her mind, too.

What can I do?
If she isn't directly asking for advice then maybe she is fine without it. Sometimes people would rather just unload all their stress and situations to relieve them of keeping it in their heads but it doesn't mean they want advice. Just help her find a new apartment or ask her if there is anything you can do to help. If she is already angry, doing the wrong thing could just elevate the situation even more.

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