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Should I be enjoying my degree? watch


    (Original post by brokenheroes)
    Hmm.. also wondering this and also studying law. not having a good time of it at all, generally, but i've seemed to notice a pattern of always being down and unmotivated in winter, maybe i have that winter depression thing.
    I've often thought that I had SAD too. Always down in the winter months, usually towards Christmas, and then I pick up in January.

    If people are looking for motivation, I would look no further than Geoff Thompson. I've previously been highly motivated by doing the Prince's Trust 12 week self-development course, but life inevitably grinds you down over the years and your motivation and enthusiasm just dwindle.

    I started getting stuck into articles by Geoff though (he also has books which I recommend but the articles are free on his website), and they have changed my life completely. I just wish I had read them whilst at uni, and his articles have also inspired further reading, which has helped too. He's always willing to help you personally as well, I spoke to him on the phone recently and even though he's busy film directing and with his various business engagements, I was able to interview him for an article I was writing for the Metro Newspaper next week.

    I am having the same sort of issues.

    I'm really not enjoying my degree - all the modules looked better on paper than they are in reality. We haven't got very much guidance and so I am really struggling to do my essays, despite having done a minimum of 3 a week, every week, at A Level. I'm not sure if the technique is the same and every time I ask, the tutor goes around in a big circle and leaves me confused. Plus, the reading is horrendous. I love reading but I haven't had chance to pick up a 'book for pleasure' since I got here as I have so much complusory reading to do - I've not even looked at the 'recommend' reading yet. I like History but I just don't think I like University History.

    I think I have wider issues though as I don't like it here full stop. Last night, I actually cried non-stop for an hour because I didn't want to be here. I feel isolated and depressed - everything is worse than college (I've not made the friends here, where at college my friends were a huge part of my life; I don't understand/fine the work interesting; I don't like where I live and who I live with etc).

    Anyway, if you know you want to stick with the course, then try to find something to focus on or something you enjoy (even if it is just a minor thing). That might help to give you some motivation. If you don't think you want to stick with the course then talk to your tutor and ask what the deal is - whether you can move (which will probably be a lot of work but if you know there is something you'll benefit more from, it might be worth it) or you could always, if you are really unhappy about things, leave uni and take some time to think about what you really want. That could mean you reapply in the next few months to start again in 09 or it could mean you take a couple of years to try different things out. Whatever you do, try to make sure there is something - no matter how small - that makes you happy. *hugs*

    Well i think it could be normal (depending on how demotivated or put off you really feel). I've found my course (psychology) to be an anti-climax. On paper, it all sounds pretty interesting, but something about it is a let down...at times I feel I'm doing a math and science degree which im not at all interested in.

    Anywho, I've not met ANYONE who is not bored by the lectures or their course. I mean generally, they enjoy it. But lets not forget people, we are doing a degree...in education once again, working towards coursework and exams.....it's not that fun. People forget that. Even if it's a subject you love, all the reading you have to do, all the deadlines you have, all the 2 hour lectures can really demotivate you.

    You have to remember that IF this is something you really want to do, you just have to get on with it, as they say. Think about whether any other course you're interested in would be any different. Is it the course or the way in which it is structured? In the latter, not much will change unless you're doing a course more practical. x


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