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Feeling worthless/ bad self-esteem watch

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    Basically I feel very crap at the moment. I don't feel like I can ever contribute much to society in general, and I certainly don't feel like I deserve my boyfriend who is really loving, who I love dearly.

    I am not attractive at all which makes me sad because almost everyone I know is far more physically enticing than me. I know its shallow to be pissed off by this but I cant help it. I just think my boyfriend is such a decent person he overlooks how I look. I really wish I was someone he could look at and feel arousal, as well as wanting me for who I am (dunno why he wants me for this to be honest) Sometimes I want to vomit when I look in a mirror. I dont even think its a problem with my face or my figure (even though Im unpleasantly chunky at 5'3, not a good combination) but more that no real contentment or acceptance is discernible in me.

    I have made so many wrong decisions in a few years. Some can be put right but others to do with health have laid out my future for me and Ive no control over that. I fail at things a lot. I feel nobody really likes me- like they all know I have some defect. Its like Im missing some chromosome of basic human existance.

    People have never liked me in group situations like school or college or uni. They always look at me like theres something not worth bothering about. I do have quite a few friends so I dont really care, but I just wonder why I put people off.

    What are the first steps in building up a sense of self worth?

    Start with Loving your self.
    Every little time you get - try doing some community work for the needy.
    You will slowly start apperciating the worthiness of life.

    By the way - if you believe in God (or lets say nature) - none of us would have been on this earth if He (or her ) did not love us.

    Keep smiling - be good to your boyfriend ... Things will go the right way for you.

    Seriously just be happy you have someone who loves you, do you know how many people wish for that everyday?
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