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psychology alevel yr12

Hi guys, I have just started my ALEVELS and I had my first psychology lesson today - which icl I found a bit hard especially because I’ve never done psychology before (it wasn’t a GCSE option at my secondary school). Todays lesson was about the multi store model and the KF and HM case studies. I think i found the case studies hard.
I would like some advice on how to revise for psychology and some good YouTubers/ websites that have helped you get good grades in psychology. I think I’m going to make flash cards after every lesson - flash cards helped me achieve very good grades at GCSE level.
Any other tips and tricks?
I think I’m stressing about psychology because I’ve never done the subject before and it is different compared to my other ALEVELS (biology and chemistry).
I really hope that this stress won’t be permanent and that the lessons will get better and more engaging. Thank you for the advice
It is, as you say, very early days. It will take a while to settle down. Remember everybody else in your class is probably feeling the same so there are no daft questions. I am sure you teacher would rather you asked than struggle.

I don’t know which exam board you are using but primrose kitten is pretty good for psychology I think
. Basic cases and principles will apply across all exam boards in all likelihood but do compare to your exam board specification as her primary focus is on AQA.
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