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Henry VII

Hi, did Henry VII face any major issues to do with religion (e.g. rebellions of any sort), as I'm planning an essay comparing rebellions during Henry VII reign and Henry VII reign
I've got ideas on what to write around Taxation rebellions as both Monarchs faced those but struggling to find any more rebellion links :frown:
Thanks in advance!
I don't think Henry VII had any significant rebellion for religious reasons because he didn't mess with religion like HVIII did. He mostly faced rebellions of taxation as you've said but also threats of the Pretenders such as Simnel and Warbeck, this was due to the fact that he came to the throne as a usurper, therefore the Yorkists wanted to remove him from power by any means.

I can't help much for Henry VIII cus I haven't been taught about him for years, sorry

However, I don't know if you already have a plan for your essay but you can do a big paragraph about taxation rebellions and discuss any differences within this area. then you could talk in other paragraphs about the different types of rebellions each king faced and more importantly why - HVII had pretenders because he was a usurper (which links to the legacy of the WotRs) whereas HVIII completed changed religion in the country which caused widespread and long term unrest etc

I don't know if this helps but good luck!

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