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Universities set for 'major overhaul' watch

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    Ooooooo, scary..


    Obviously all the views may not be taken on board, but what do you think of the report??? Hmm...I agree the term structure needs a change, but the classification system???? Im not so sure about.

    A 'detailed report card'? Don't employers or postgrad applications ask for a transcript anyway? I thought that would show enough.

    I think the 'detailed report card' thing is a pretty good idea, but alongside your degree classification, not instead of.

    There was me thinking Universities existed for research....

    Want to teach? Make yourself a polytechnic.

    This guy is clearly out of touch, like theonewho said, transcripts are detailed report cards.

    (Original post by Ivich)
    I think the 'detailed report card' thing is a pretty good idea, but alongside your degree classification, not instead of.
    Agreed. People are always going to want a simple classification to put an overall degree in at a glance. Perhaps they could adjust it somewhat, so instead of <10% getting a first, maybe the standards could be lowered so more were to fall into that category than a 2i. Or perhaps create an upper and lower first in addition to that.

    As people have already said above, I don't see what's wrong with the present academic transcript.

    "Certainly traditional university systems, timetables and calendars are constructed with little reference to the world of employment," Professor King said.
    Professor King is clearly a tit. I think it's entirely right that no reference should be made to 'the world of employment' - university is academic, not some sort of vocational apprenticeship. I've always been in support of the ancient Scottish degree system - four years and plenty of spare time for independent study and to develop your interests. It is, after all, what a man does with his leisure time that really defines him.

    The paper argued for students to receive "credit" for every module they completed, and the opportunity to use those if they dropped out and returned to higher education later on.
    To be honest, I thought that was what was done already.

    So really, it's hardly a revolution in higher education. Moving the chairs about a bit.
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