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Should I pursue a biomedical science or biological science degree?


I'm conflicted between these 2 subjects, I've read the university course structure for both of them, but they're quite vauge and imo doesn't really show what the course will be like

Now, I have no idea what I want to do in the future, but I enjoyed the human part of biology a level, which i why i would like to study biomedical science. But I really don't like working in a lab and DNA/genes/cancer was probably my least liked topic. although i enjoyed the physiology side like how the heart works, the nervous system ect. chemistry is the only science that I really dislike and I don't want to work in a lab. I like reading and learning about the biology and how things work, I like to learn about the different systems in our body and how they all workd together but i'm very clumsy and don't like dealing with chemicals hands on.

The issue I have with biological science is that i mainly want to learn about human biology and don't really care about plant or bacteria biology. That's pretty much the only reason. Now that I put my thoughts into words, i think biological science is the better option for me but i'd like to know what you think. This feels like a choose or poison kinda situation, both degrees have things i dislike about them but i'd rather learn about wildlife than work in a lab and deal with chemicals or learn about cancer/genes

now that i think about it, i think the only part of gcse chemistry didn't like is the maths side of things (which is alot of chem) and balancing equations
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