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DSA Laptop upgrade direct & subsequent (partial) reimbursement?

I just got my email confirming DSA eligibility this morning and now have to book a needs assessment (the provider I found does remote assessments/assessments over Zoom at various times which is helpful for me as I wanted to have my ex-teaching assistant be available to join the Zoom as she did with my uni Disability Dept and it was v useful. Also, they have remote sessions much earlier. They have some slots on Monday next week. If the slots on that day still go ahead due to Elizabeth II's funeral, my TA would be able to join the call as she now works in the SEN dept of my old school and won't be in school that day due to the bank holiday).

One of the things I may be eligible for is a new laptop (I have a MacBook Pro, but Apple have just added it to their vintage list, so I believe on that ground SFE/DSA will potentially recommend an upgrade). I don't expect them to fund the whole laptop, especially as it's a Mac (I used Macs for notetaking pretty much the entire time I was at secondary school, when the SEN dept recommended I started note taking on a laptop. I even used my Mac for English A Level coursework - the only time I used Windows is when I used a laptop for my GCSEs and my A Levels and I struggled with them). I'm more than happy to pay the upgrade fees etc (hopefully they will take into consideration my using Macs for almost a decade, plus the fact no one uses or has used a Windows PC in my family, and will recommend me a Mac)

BUT, my issue is I applied for DSA a little late (not solely my fault; I initially struggled and almost ended up applying for student finance too which I don't need, and also there's a section that the uni fills out & I was unaware the form goes directly to the uni and I thought you had to be there with them/ with the disability dept for that bit to be filled out. I was also unaware of how long it would actually take, and it took longer than that as I had to wait 10 working days for a response, then found out I was halfway through submitting student finance, then wait another 10 working days for a decision on my eligibility).

If I take the first available slots on Monday 19th for DSA assessment, it takes 10 working days to get the letter, taking me to the 4th of October.
My plan was to go direct to the Apple Store when I am in receipt of that letter, buy the laptop I want (which I'm obviously willing to pay extra for) and claim the amount DSA said they'd pay (if they do; I'm lucky enough to be in a situation where my family can afford the upgrade if DSA decide not to finance a computer, but we are still also being affected by the cost of living crisis like a lot of people, so having the DSA part fund it and reimburse us would help a bit financially) directly from the Apple Store (w the 10% student discount, plus I'm also planning in trading in my current Mac for a discount of up to £160) and claiming reimbursement through the DSA reimbursement form.
Mainly bc it could take weeks to get a laptop via a supplier (and also not guaranteed to have the specific model I want; I photograph as a hobby, & the model I want has a built in SD card slot. And obviously, the laptop I don't need to give back after uni, so it makes sense to upgrade to one which has features I can use outside of uni) and uni starts on the 26th September, so I wouldn't have the best laptop for my studies for a while (still works, but it's a model known to have issues; the keyboard sticks often, and I have had the laptop give me a black screen that I can't access during coursework and the top half had to be replaced) compared to about the 4th October if I buy the laptop outright at Apple.

I'm guessing on the DSA reimbursement form, I can put 'partial reimbursement of laptop' in the 'details of costs' column, and put the equivalent of the laptop they said they'd pay for in the costs column (or thr cost if they give an amount they'll pay towards a laptop), but what do I put for name and address of supplier? The Apple shop I purchased it from?
Will they deny the reimbursement if the stated cost of the partial reimbursement is different from the amount I paid (obviously it will be)?
Has anyone tried purchasing directly from Apple etc and getting at least a partial reimbursement?

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