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I’m 17 and a college student only passed combined science last year I did health and social care level 2 while resitting maths and English because I thought I was interested in nursing I decided to enrol for level 3 applied science thinking I would pass my GCSE resits unfortunately I didn’t so now I have to do level 2 applied science which means I’ll leave college when I’m 20 I enjoy the course but I’m not sure if I should leave after I’m finished with level 2 and do an apprenticeship at 18 or wait till I finish level 3 at 20 and go university
Any gaps in your GCSEs can be filled during an apprenticeship. They don’t need to be achieved before hand.

My level 2 and 3 college apprentice groups had people who didn’t get C’s/6s or any GCSE in math, English, and/or IT sit key skills courses.
These were 2-3 day training courses including a short portfolio and exam - they’re a standard check box in the apprenticeship requirements. The courses are extremely straight forward and easy to pass, and the trainers will make sure you do.

Not having C’s/6s might mean you have to start at level 2, but don’t worry about it.

I started a level 2 apprenticeship and worked my through level 3, 4, then finally to a level 6 to get a bachelors degree.

I started my level 3 apprenticeship at 21, and my level 4 apprenticeship at 23. I was never the oldest on any of my courses. People of all ages do level 4-7 apprenticeship to make career changes or fill skill gaps for promotions.
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Thank you that was really helpful may I ask what apprenticeship you did
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Thank you that was really helpful may I ask what apprenticeship you did

I did engineering related apprenticeships

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