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UCAT 2730 B2 - Canadian applicant needs advice on choosing 4 med schools for UCAS

I just did my UCAT exam today, and I think I need a much higher score to be admitted to med schools in the UK as an international student. Can anyone please kindly advise which 4 schools I might still have a chance with my scores? I want to give it a try and apply to 4 schools via UCAS. What are my chances with my scores? Thanks.

UCAT 2730 Band 2

Canadian high school grade 12 results:
Chemistry 12 (96%)
Biology 12 (92%)
Precalculus 12 (96%)
Art Studio 12 (97%),
AP Statistics 12 (98% with score of 4 on AP exam)
AP Biology 12 (90% with score of 4 on AP exam)
AP English (score of 4 on AP exam)
English 12 (midterm report 97%)
Calculus 12 (in progress)
Law Studies 12 (in Progress)

Since I will still be 16 in Sept 2023, I can only apply to the few schools that don't have age requirements. Thus, I need to pick 4 out of the following 6 schools to apply to: Dundee, Aberdeen, Queen's University Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews (A990 or A100)

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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